Zebulun Week 5 Recap

Week 5 Remnant News

We are so glad to be back from our mid-camp break. We learned the fruit of the spirit this week. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control against such things there is no law. We learned to love each other by being careful and gentle on the playground. We shared our joy by dancing; Esabella taught us a new dance to Every Single Day, by Michael Shamblin. The children’s choir sang joyful songs with Mrs. Miley. There was a lot of cheering and joy as we set the record for most teeth lost by a tribe in one day. The looks of happiness at popsicle time are priceless. The peace in the midst of such a crowd of happy girls is beautiful. The girls have been working in their Connection Workbook at quiet time. The junior counselors have been very patient and gentle this summer. Hannah will be going back to Texas this weekend. Give her a hug at church.

Yesenia brought her guitar and flute for a musical demonstration and to explain how the instruments work. The Zebulun girls baked cookies, the Junior Counselors iced them and then we gave them to the boys of Benjamin. We shook hands and introduced ourselves and shared cookies.

Each girl studied a lady from the Bible and shared stories about their faithfulness. Some of the girls dressed as their character and others made a prop to go with their talk. They were invited to participate in all camp devotion as their character.

The girls drew pictures and wrote letters to our out of town friends. They were full of good deeds! Gabby visited us this week and the girls loved her and included her in all their activities.
Self – control practice occurred when someone said lights up and everyone needs to stop talking. We talked about respect and not interrupting conversations. The fruit of the spirit is so beautiful to study with the girls. They are learning about God and how to live inside His boundaries so He is pleased.
We look forward to a wonderful week 6 with the girls!
Donna and Larissa

The Tribe of Zebulun