Simeon Week 6 Recap! Remnant Fellowship Day Camp

Wow! I can’t believe this is the last week of camp! The summer has flown by! It is been the most wonderful thing to watch the boys grow week by week in their love for God, each other, the junior counselors, and the us the counselors! I feel so much closer to all of your boys and we are all closer to God! The bar is raised for me each day and I always leave camp charged, convicted and filled with inexpressible joy! Please keep all of us in your prayers this week!

Last week was filled with fun from the beginning!!

On Monday we all hopped in the church vans and drove out to Mr. Ryan Linton’s house where we got to pet, touch, look, and learn about: goats, chickens, chicks, bunnies, baby bunnies, cats, kittens, dogs, a snake, and a parrot! It was so sweet to learn about God’s creatures and how amazing each one is! After a full morning of animals and a picnic lunch we put on our swimsuits and got to swim at Mrs. Melanie’s pool for the afternoon! What a blessing!

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Tuesday we had more animal fun! Ms. Kat and Mrs. Susan brought doves for us to pet, hold, and learn about! The boys were very excited about watching the birds fly in the room and laughed a lot when one landed on their junior counselor’s head! At the end of the lesson we went outside so we could watch Mrs. Susan release seven of her doves out into the open! She told us that they were homing doves and that they would probably beat her home! That afternoon Mrs. Gwen came and talked to us about love for one another during our devo! After that we had snack and came back inside to make some slime!

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Wednesday morning we gave the slime away to the tribe of Dan as part of our serving/superhero/Simeon theme. The boys were happy servants even though they thought there wouldn’t be any left for them, but God provides! When they went to get stuff out of their cubbies for free play they discovered they each had a baggie of slime for themselves! They were so thankful and appreciative, and it sweet for them to see that when they serve others God gives back! That afternoon we served some more by writing encouragement cards, and making tissue paper flowers because tomorrow all of our moms were going to come to camp for a luncheon!

Thursday at camp was busy! The boys arrived in the morning with their collared shirts on and the jc girls in their sundresses and we went to work on preparing for the luncheon! First the boys helped carry out a table and chairs, then we all taped the paper table cloth on the table, then each boy set to work decorating his mother’s spot at the table with her name and all sorts of colorful and beautiful pictures! Next it was time to wash our hands really good because we were making sandwiches! Each boy carefully made a sandwich, and carefully stirred the lemonade, and carefully carried the fruits and chocolates over to the table, and carefully folded the napkins and laid the silverware. When that was finished we all marched outside to pick a bouquet of flowers for our mothers. Each bouquet was different and each was beautiful! The boys then ate their lunches so they would be full of more energy to serve! After washing hands and putting on our superhero capes it was time to wait for our moms! When they came in we showed them their spots and served them lemonade and sandwiches, we rubbed their backs, and shared our scriptures with them. Then when everyone was finished we all got up and the boys taught their moms the dances to “Jump Up,” “Focus Up,” and “Daughters of Jerusalem.” Everyone had a blast!

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The whole week was filled with fun and serving! It is amazing what we get to do in just one week of Remnant Day Camp! We are SO SO blessed!!

Much love,

Allyson & Beth