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Zebulun Week 6 (7/29/2014) - Week 6 – Your Focus — You Fall In Love with What You Focus On What a great week falling in love with God! He gave us such sweet cool...
Remnant Fellowship Day Camp 2014
Schedule and Additional Information
Day Camp Dates
The four-days-a-week schedule runs Monday through Thursday of each week…and the Summer schedule will proceed as follows:
  • June 1st – SUNDAY afternoon at 10:30am in the Church Sanctuary – CAMP KICKOFF!
  • Week 1 – June 2–5
  • Week 2 – June 9–12
  • Week 3 – June 16-19
  • Week 4 – June 23-26
  • No Camp – June 30 – July 3
  • Week 5 – July 7–10
  • Week 6 – July 14–17
  • Week 7 – July 21-24
Day Camp Times – Each Day’s Schedule
  • 9:00am to 4:00pm marks our daily scheduled activity times for the children.
  • 7:30am to 9:00am provides supervised playtime for parents who need an early drop-off time.
  • 4:00pm to 5:30pm provides supervised playtime for parents who need a later pick-up time. All children must be picked up by 5:30pm with no exceptions please. THANK YOU for honoring these guidelines!
Day Camp Fees

A quick comparison of local Summer Camps reveals that many organizations, recreation centers, and playschools charge more in fees for one day than what this Remnant Fellowship’s Day Camp will cost a family for a full week! What a blessing it is to be able to provide these services…all from the best, most caring volunteer staff in the world! With this in mind, listed below is some information and some website links regarding our fees for Day Camp 2014.

Registration and One-Time Registration Fee – The one-time fee per child is $25. We need to collect these fees from NASHVILLE members by May 31st because we have many up-front supplies and fees to pay for…including T-shirts and other building and grounds preparation projects to accommodate these Summer activities. NOTE to our members outside of Nashville – Please fill out the online Registration Form if you plan to have your child(ren) attend ANYTIME at ALL this Summer. And please make sure you register your children AT LEAST one week in ADVANCE of any week(s) that they will be attending. If you are participating for two weeks or LESS, you do NOT need to pay the Registration Fee. IN ADDITION, our Volunteer Adult Counselors’ children do NOT need to pay the one-time Registration Fee or any Daily Fees. Click the following link (and fill out the form completely) for more details about Registration and Fees – NOTE – PLEASE READ the FULL RELEASE FORMS provided online. Thank you!

Daily Fees – NOTE that these fees INCLUDE a daily afternoon snack and water activity fees for each child. Daily Fees apply to any Youth, including Junior Counselors, attending for any length of time. As we’ve done in years past, each child will need to bring a packed lunch and beverage each day that does NOT require heating or refrigeration. Some field trips may have additional costs. Those details will be e-mailed and posted on the Website as each trip on the calendar approaches. Click the following link (and fill out the form completely) for more details about Daily Fees:

Supplies Needed for the Children

DAILY – Provided by PARENTS – Items needed for EACH CHILD include play clothes, modest warm-weather play clothes, athletic shoes and socks, lunch and drink (nothing requiring heating or refrigeration), a Bible, a notebook/journal, pen and pencil, colored pencils. NOTE – SNACKS will be provided by the Church each day for all of the children. NOTE – Children do not need to wear specific colors! In previous Summers, children wore “team colors” but that is not required this Summer!

PERIODICALLY – Provided by PARENTS – Items needed for EACH CHILD include an appropriate/modest swimsuit, cover-up, flotation device for non-swimmers, towel, sunscreen, and booster seats (on field trip days) for children ages 8 and younger. Regarding SWIMSUITS, our 1st through 3rd graders will need to have a swimsuit that can be LEFT at DAY CAMP every day for DAILY WATER ACTIVITIES. The Church will provide towels for these younger Day Campers. NOTE – Please label ALL belongings with a permanent marker. Thank you!

Day Camp Tribe Updates & Information

Reuben – 1st grade boys – Cheryl

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp - Praise and Worship
Remnant Fellowship Day Camp – Tribe of Rueben (6/14/2014) - June, 2014 -Rueben, Summer Day Camp – Dear   Parents, we are honored to be with your boys’ this summer.  Our focus is our Connection with God and as we were led to continue to develop the...

Asher – 1st grade girls – Monica

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp - Girls
Adorable Asher: week 6 (7/20/2014) - We are so thankful to be learning how to”fall in love with what we focus on” through the Remnant Fellowship workbook written by Mrs. Gwen Shamblin. Life is so short...

Benjamin – 2nd grade boys – Heather

Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp - Younger Boys
Tribe of Benjamin Week 2 Recap (6/18/2014) - It was another busy, fun & blessed week in the Tribe of Benjamin! We had quiet times, awesome Devo’s, we wrote letters to prisoners, lots and lots of fun physical...

Zebulun – 2nd grade girls – Donna

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp - Young-Girls
Zebulun Week 6 (7/29/2014) - Week 6 – Your Focus — You Fall In Love with What You Focus On What a great week falling in love with God! He gave us such sweet cool...

Simeon – 3rd grade boys – Allyson

Simeon Week 6 Recap! Remnant Fellowship Day Camp (7/18/2014) - Wow! I can’t believe this is the last week of camp! The summer has flown by! It is been the most wonderful thing to watch the boys grow week by...

Issachar – 4th grade boys- Jill

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp - Young Boys
Remnant Fellowship Day Camp – Issachar Weeks 6-7 (7/29/2013) - The last 2 weeks of Remnant Fellowship’s summer day camp were filled with Godly and fun activities and learning and doing the Characteristics of Christ!  Thank you for your hard...

Gad – 3rd/4th grade girls – Jennifer

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp - Flags
Week 7: Final Week of Day Camp 2014 (7/27/2014) - We are praising GOD for seven weeks of Remnant Day Camp 2014!! We have learned so so much!!! The theme for this summer has been to find a stronger connection...

Dan – 5th/6th grade boys – Dan

Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp Boys
Tribe of Dan Week 5 Recap & Upcoming Week 6 (7/14 – 7/17) (7/12/2014) - Praise God for this day camp! A place to sharpen and refine us all, young and old. We are so blessed to get to come here and learn to put God first and to...

Judah – 5th/6th grade girls – Sally

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp - Teens
Judah at Remnant Fellowship Daycamp (7/14/2014) - Another AMAZING week at Remnant Fellowship Daycamp! We traveled to Percy Priest Lake and had a super fun day in God’s creation. We saw wildlife including a gorgeous Great Blue...

Manasseh – 7th/8th grade boys – Michelle

Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp Boys
Manasseh Week 7 – July 21-25 (7/20/2014) - Hi to all Manasseh parents and campers! We can’t believe this is our last week of 2014 Daycamp! We have learned SO much this summer about strengthening our Connections to God,...

Ephraim – 7th/8th grade girls – Tina

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp - Teens
Ephraim Middle School Girls – Remnant Fellowship Day Camp (6/10/2014) - Wow!! What an amazingly blessed spirit filled first two weeks we have had!! Jennifer, Jaclyn and I are having a blast getting to spend these beautiful summer days with your...

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