Remnant Fellowship Construction Ministry- “Living out Selflessness”

The following is a quote from Tedd and Candace Anger…

The hand of God was on each of these selfless Saints as they tirelessly worked with joyful spirits starting early Saturday morning long into lunch time on demolition inside our home. The volunteer work actually started Saturday evening with the youth boys coming over and removing carpet along with some young marrieds earlier that day moving furniture. On Sunday morning starting at 8:45 am – trucks and cars streamed into our driveway and the demolition started. The jobs were very difficult and messy – moving heavy marble, heavy stone, sharp tile and more. The day was hot which made the intense physical labor even harder. In the midst of all of this heavy labor on an early, early Sunday morning – what stood out was the joyful spirits, the unity, the smiles plastered ear to ear – the young boys working along side their fathers and the fun. You would of thought they were on vacation! It was the incredible message of selflessness, which we are so fortunate and blessed to hear day after day from Gwen Shamblin from the stage at Remnant Fellowship Church- the message of selfless, joyful following Christ of not my will but your be done – LIVED OUT through the members of the church. The amount of work that got done in two hours was a true miracle. The attitudes were generous, unified, fun, and humble. The men’s godly friendships were strong and God-centered. The conversations were testimonies about God and what He has done in their lives. All worked under the authority of Gwen Shamblin, Joseph Langsdon and Paul Sims- there was not a moment wasted. The Anger family was humbled, grateful and brought to their knees with thanks to God for this place – for Zion – where we are allowed to worship, live, work, serve and be a part of. Our hearts were full and we are now inspired to work harder for the kingdom, to give more, to train our children to give more. We are thankful, undeserving and humbled. Thank you to God, to the leaders and to Exodus Industries and to God for establishing a place where everyone wants to serve God and their brother.

Handyman/Construction Team
Clint hard at workTedd & Candace AngerDemo by RonPaul working at Anger home
Handyman Construction Ministry