Remnant Fellowship – Award Winning Prison Ministry

Get a glimpse inside of this powerful ministry that is changing lives inside and outside of prison walls. This award-winning program is getting accolades from prison officials as it produces lasting fruit and new creations through classes, letters, and visits. These ministry leaders actually go into the prisons and they drive hours each week to prisons across the country to serve God and His Church…and the results are like none other! Because the messages within this ministry change a person from the inside-out, the inmates ALSO change from the inside-out…even though their circumstances haven’t changed. You can see the fruit in the smiles on the faces and joy in the hearts of the participants!

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Remnant Fellowship

Remnant Fellowship is located at 1230 Franklin Road in Brentwood, TN. Our regular worship times are 9:00am Saturdays and 6:00pm Wednesdays Central Time. We also webcast live during this assemblies. You can read more about us at