Manasseh – Week 6 – July 14-17

Another fantastic week with Manasseh! We are continuing to sharpen one another to keep our words encouraging and to always make sure we treat one another with love, not anger or jealousy or greed!

Ms. Gwen shared on Tuesday about how important it is to start at HOME with our love for one another. Are you intereacting with your siblings with the same love and respect and encouragement that you offer your friends at Daycamp? She challenged us to think about how much FAITH we have in God to take care of us… Do you fuss because someone took your crayon or your grapes? Why? Offer them more grapes — offer to give up the crayons for someone else to use. God will take better care of you than you can imagine!! Treat others around you with LOVE and you will be filled! We have a true love for one another at Daycamp. Also, we were challenged to keep all our words encouraging and fulfilling…not judgemental of someone’s clothing, hair, shoes, etc. Maybe they are wearing the shirt that their mom told them to wear that day — they are obeying their mom! Why should you come in and say something about it that will make them feel bad? Make sure your ONLY words are encouraging and uplifting, and never let judgements about the appearances of others influence your words! What a great lesson! : )


Please help your son remember to bring a BIBLE every day of camp! We are finding there are several each day who do not have a Bible to read during quiet time. This is the most important camp supply your son can bring! The Bible can be book form or on technology…as long as each Manasseh member has one each day. If you need help with this, please let us know, and we will make sure to put this precious resource into your son’s hands as soon as possible!


We’ve also been studying the purpose and process of prayer in Manasseh this week! What a treasure to be able to go to our Creator with our words and our hearts at any time of the day! We looked at what Jesus had to say about prayer in Matthew 6 and 7 — how to be pure and quiet and humble and earnest in prayer. We want meaningful prayers that honor this Connection we have with the Mighty God!

Another great week is flying by!! Check in with your son to see what he’s been learning — such a wonderful group!


Manasseh does not have a tribe swim trip nor field trip this week. We WILL have one more swim trip next week – details to follow!

Our love to everyone!

Michelle, Jodi, Rayane, and BJ