Feast … or Fast Food?

Remnant Fellowship Experienced GatheringReserve the Date!
Please hold the date – 1:30pm on November 2nd – this coming Sabbath! That is the date and time of our next Experienced Gathering. The plan is, following our morning Sabbath service, we will all go get lunch and bring it back to the Fellowship Hall where we will eat together at 1:30pm. The theme will be “Feast … or Fast Food?” It’s your choice as to what you will bring to eat! Come back to the Fellowship Hall at 1:30 on November 2nd. We will enjoy our fellowship meal together and have some good discussion too. May our good God continue to bless us as He has.
Please mention this Experienced Gathering to all of your Experienced friends – they may not be as technically connected as you are!
All glory to God,
Clark Buchi

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