Remnant Fellowship Couponing Classes – Using Resources Wisely

Coupon ClippingSave your family money; stock your pantry for emergencies; and share your surplus groceries and toiletries with others!  This is what a group of Saints learned to do on January 12th at the first Coupon Class led by Becky Tacey and Jeannie Bracken.  Becky, who is a busy stay-at-home mother of six young children, and Jeannie, who is the mother of baby twins and a full-time teacher, did a great job teaching the class with a powerpoint, handouts with websites and reminders, and easy to understand steps to get started in couponing and saving money.  The Saints started saving money the very next day, and the tweets and emails were flying with questions, answers, and exciting stories of saving money on needed items.  A store cashier complimented a Saintly couponer because she’s always happy, organized, and not greedy. Praise God for learning at Remnant Fellowship how to be a Light and Glorify God in our community!  Another blessing from couponing is that the church gave out over 25 bags of grocery and medical items to Saints as God filled our cups to overflowing!  Join us for our next Couponing Class in February (date and time will be announced) as we learn more ways to be good stewards of God’s Blessings!