Remnant Fellowship steeple closeup

Remnant Fellowship Resource Room – Pentecost Celebration 2013

“I love coming in here! This is my favorite place to come in to. It’s always full of so many smiles, joy and hugs!”, said a visiting Saint as he…

Golden Streets Album

Golden Streets CD in The Remnant Fellowship Resource Room

The Resource Room Team awaits with great joy after every Remnant Fellowship Worship Assembly to serve and help everyone get a music CD, the Lasting Marriages – You Can Overcome TV show DVD or any available resource published by Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Ministries.

The Legend to The Treasure

Register in The Resource Room for Remnant Fellowship’s Legend to The Treasure Class

The Resource Room is serving to take registration and prepared with Legend to The Treasure materials for class scheduled to begin March 3rd on Facebook! Last Sabbath on February 9th, after Assembly we…

Remnant Fellowship Store – Youth Resources

Sabbath evening, January 26 the Resource Room was open for about an hour after the Youth and Parents meeting. With the smells of food and sounds of precious youth enjoying the purity…

History of the One True GOD

The Remnant Fellowship Resource Room is Meeting Needs and Serving Saints

Wow! Praise God! This Sabbath morning, the History of the One True God Study Guide sold out!! We almost sold out of DVD & CD sets! The request is already made…

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