Adorable Asher: week 6

We are so thankful to be learning how to”fall in love with what we focus on” through the Remnant Fellowship workbook written by Mrs. Gwen Shamblin. Life is so short and in the scheme of things and it is so encouraging to see rising first graders focusing on God, genuinely obeying their authorities and loving others as themselves!!! Parents in this message of truth are learning about Jesus Christ being under authority of God, His father, and are passing this message of truth down to their children. This is so beautiful to observe! We are so thankful for a voice in Gwen Shamblin that stood up for truth and is living out the Bible today and giving all of us a hopeful example of how to lay down sin, live pure for God and have fun doing it!!! What a life we have been given, truly amazing!

We love serving in this way,
Bonnie, Tiffani, Amanda and Monica